bulwiengesa Survey Desk

The real estate landscape is under constant pressure to adjust. This is principally true for any asset class. Property developers, investors, banks but even users and operators permanently require a reliable compass in order to be able to make strategically qualified decisions. Based on the experience of 30 years in the property consultancy business, bulwiengesa's approach to this issue is to offer a neutral assessment of the status quo and a subsequent analysis. Next, we design reliable decision guidance and provide process support that is tailored to actual client needs. The forte of bulwiengesa in this context is the extensive data depth and the methodological competence in regard to the real estate industry and the regional economy.

In addition to the use of all quantitative analytic and forecast tools, bulwiengesa will also run qualitative checks within the framework of these advisory services, employing the in-house survey desk to this end. The bulwiengesa survey desk is an online tool for conducting qualitative surveys which may also be used in combination with online polls. The tool meets the latest standards for qualitative survey tools, while its freely scalable architecture can be fully adjusted to the client requirements at hand. It has a multi-lingual structure, and therefore lends itself to a wide variety of possible deployment scenarios. They include tenant and contentment polls, market surveys and target group panels, among many other options.

The strength of the bulwiengesa survey desktop lies in the combination of methodological competence and long-term market penetration of the European real estate industry. This way, surveys can be optimally composed to suit a given target group, and poll results be matched with the corresponding real estate market environment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Felix Werner.